Bruce van der Meulen

BROZA has been created to provide a professional agency acting on behalf of fine art photographers and artists by:

  • Providing a professional sales team;
  • Managing orders and logistics;
  • Marketing and promoting artworks, and
  • Providing a hub for the art forms of diverse artists.

Jean van der Meulen, my sister has many a talent, but the one that has captured my interest is her skill in capturing images that resonate with people. The biggest problem facing people like Jean is to try to bring these images to market and to monetize them. I was approached by her to help realise her vision of creating a portal where fine art photographers and artists are able to showcase and sell their artwork to a greater market.

So, here you are, a place to for art enthusiasts and interior decorators to browse and purchase original artworks, knowing that they are supporting the artists themselves directly. We hope you enjoy our décor art collection.

Bruce van der Meulen